Parishioners Fred and Jo Ann Chreist write about the parish garden:

We have been members of St. Thomas for 25 years. During that time, we have seen numerous changes in our common life. One has had an important impact, both spiritually and practically, on our lives. Ten years ago, we had the opportunity to create a flower garden in the front yard of St. Thomas. We created a dry creek, added a few large rocks leftover from the labyrinth construction project and tilled the soil. Because Jo Ann has a large flower garden at home and was an artist by profession, we were able to design the garden and transplant different flowers. In addition, the church community provided funds for the purchase of additional flowers and plants. Today we have a wide variety of perennial flowers that bloom throughout the growing season. Parishioners and neighbors alike express delight and gratitude for our efforts in the garden. All of us enjoy seeing God’s work in each new season. Thanks be to God for the beauty of creation.

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