Canterbury is led by both professionals and laypersons who support its parish ministry and community.

The Rev. Dr. Jeanine Driscoll

Rector Time Certain

Dr. Driscoll brings to her ministry decades of psychotherapy practice -- she has a PhD in Counseling Psychology -- as well as service to the House of Bishops in the General Convention just past. Her service within the Diocese of North Carolina includes being a member of the Pastoral Response Team which provides "valuable … Read More

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Frederick Frahm

Parish Musician

Frederick Frahm, American composer, organist, publisher, and parish musician was born in California, USA, in 1964. Frahm has directed church music programs across the US, contributed as a classical music critic to the Bellingham Herald in Bellingham, WA, and served as an adjunct faculty member of Concordia University in River … Read More

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Warren Smith

Senior Warden

Canterbury is often referred to as a household. The running of the ancient household depended on the cooperation of many people. The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 describes a household where everyone bears responsibility and is encouraged to take initiative and finally enters into joy as the overall unit grows and … Read More

Ken Summers

Clerk of the Vestry

I have been a parishioner of St. Thomas for over 20 years and have been the Clerk of the Vestry since 2014.  I prepare, date, sign, and maintain documents related to the duties of the Office of Secretary of the corporation. My regular duties assigned by the Rector or the Vestry include taking notes during meetings of the … Read More

Dave Tod


I have been a parishioner at St. Thomas since 1968 and treasurer since 2002. I am responsible for recording and depositing contributions promptly and accurately. I am also responsible for ensuring that all bills, payrolls and taxes are paid on time. As a member of the Finance Committee, I advise the vestry on financial matters … Read More

Brad Evans

Vestry Member

I am proud to say that I am a doctoral graduate student at the University of New Mexico, almost directly across the street, due east in fact, from St. Thomas of Canterbury in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UNM. I must say that being a full-time graduate student at UNM and being a member of the Vestry at … Read More

Joe Lane

Vestry Member

As Finance committee chair, I work with and organize the Finance committee meetings and we discuss recommendations for Vestry on issues of budget and spending.  We try to control spending by keeping to our budget. As Communication committee Facebook person, I load videos from sermons, and post pictures.  I also take photos … Read More

Diana Melendres

When I was asked to become a member of the vestry, I was hesitant, as I had never thought of being a part of the decision-making group at the Church.  I initially chose Outreach to focus on because I was interested in efforts to pursue Prevention for Homelessness.  That first year of my tenure the Church was so involved in … Read More

Ruth Meredith

Vestry Member

Since joining the vestry in January, my primary focus has been designing and constructing a new Church website which is an integral part of the search process for a new Rector.  My experience as a visual artist has been a great asset for this project. This opportunity has given me the first big creative challenge I have had … Read More

Victor Torres-Tollardo

Vestry Member

I have attended St. Thomas of Canterbury for four years. I love this community. It is a community of people that are loving, compassionate, and have a strong desire to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in everything we do. Campus Ministry is also close to my heart. I think it is special and very important to connect with the … Read More