Ruth Meredith c. 1985

Through the arts, the liturgy has the power to transcend the limits of language and connect us with the realm of spirit that transforms our lives. Through the arts, which are the language of experience, the liturgy weaves our individual stories together and so becomes the ground of belonging to something greater than ourselves that we all need. God creates community through the liturgy which acts as an embodiment of spiritual experience just like all art works embody the experience of the creator.  In other words, liturgy gives the relationship between God and the worshiping community a shape that humans can experience. So, through our participation, the liturgy becomes the common experiences that creates community.

Ruth Meredith 2019



Visual Art

Collect for Creativity

Dear God, divine Creator of everything that is, give us creativity and grace to become what You have intended us to be. Create in us discerning hearts. Kindle us through your word and sacraments. Stir up our minds to serve your church in all that we do. Empower us to share our gifts with one another and the world. Expand our church family by making us shine with the love of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. AMEN

Intercessory Prayer Group, 2019