Welcome to St. Thomas of Canterbury

Our life together as a parish family centers around a simple pattern:
We devote ourselves to the teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles.
We are in relationship to support one another as we journey in faith.
We gather around the altar to break bread in the Holy Eucharist.
We affirm that praying shapes believing shapes living.

We invite you to be with us, pray with us, give with us, create with us

In the era of COVID19, our worship life has moved online.
Please join us Sunday @ 9 AM and Wednesday @ 12:15 PM
for liturgy live-streamed on Facebook.

As of October 18, 2020, we are limiting the number of persons in the Nave during worship to six (6). We have made this decision based on the current surge in new cases of corona virus infection in this county. If you have questions or concerns about these changes or you would like to talk with our priest about other issues, please email Jeanine, rector@canterburyabq.org or call her, 505-247-2515. We will continue to offer live-streaming of the liturgy. To reserve a seat for our Sunday 9 AM liturgy or our Wednesday 12:15 PM liturgy, please click on one of the following links:

Click here to reserve a seat for a Sunday 9 AM Liturgy

Click here to reserve a seat for a Wednesday 12:15 PM Liturgy

Chairs in the church are no longer supplied with Prayer Books or Hymnals, and service orders are not printed out for attendees. We strongly encourage you to print out a service order for your own use (links to a PDF are below), or bring along a tablet or smartphone to which you have downloaded the materials in advance.

You can watch our liturgies online via Facebook below: