The Rev. Dr. Jeanine Driscoll

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Thanks for visiting our website! My hunch is that you might be searching for a spiritual home or exploring options for spiritual support. Many faith communities invite, “all are welcome” and indeed here at St. Thomas, all are welcome! Be assured that we do NOT and will NOT expect you to ‘become like us’. Rather, we want to offer you a place where you can discern and grow into the true-you, into the fullness of who God is calling you to be.  So whether you come for one service or stay for a season or so, you are welcome here!

Here’s a little about me: celebrating Holy Eucharist is at my core. Reverencing and reveling in the presence of Jesus Christ in the liturgy of the Word and the liturgy of the Eucharist brings me great joy. My hope and intention are to invite others to experience the presence of Jesus through this sacrament as well as through our tradition’s other sacraments and prayer services. These rituals are ancient and timely.  As St. Augustine noted, we celebrate the Love of God in Christ, a love which is ever ancient, ever new! While these rituals are not the only ways to deepen our relationship with the Holy, they provide shared words and embodied gestures essential to common or communal prayer.

A few years ago at the General Convention for the Episcopal Church, one of the key speakers asked, “Do you want to follow Jesus or do you just want to worship him on Sundays”? Following Jesus requires us to figure out how our participation in a Sunday service is going to make a difference in the other 6 days of the week.  Following Jesus is about learning and practicing taking the next right, kind, and just action, every day.

That’s love in action.  That’s the way of Jesus–the way of love ( and as our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, says, ‘if it’s not about love, it’s not about Jesus!’

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In peace,