Ruth Meredith

Senior Warden

Since joining the vestry in January, my primary focus has been designing and constructing a new Church website which is an integral part of the search process for a new Rector.  My experience as a visual artist has been a great asset for this project. This opportunity has given me the first big creative challenge I have had since I designed my online Introduction to Art class through the UNM Art and Art History department. Since we started the construction process after several months of collaborative planning, I am having a great deal of fun developing the portrait of Saint Thomas that will become our presence in the world outside our community.

Throughout my membership in the Episcopal Church, I have always been an active participant in the liturgy serving in the altar guild, as acolyte master, as a reader and chalice bearer in every church where I have been a member. Recently I have been taking communion to a parishioner who has trouble attending Eucharist on Sunday.

I am the liaison with the Medicine Drum Circle.  I find that the collective drumming has more power than drumming by myself just as worshiping or praying in community gains energy from the relationships between people. We are stronger together than we are as individuals.

Committee Assignments
Liturgy/ Eucharistic Visitors