Edwina Beard

Vestry Member

I share building and grounds responsibilities with Junior Warden Dick Steele.  We are fortunate in having a crew of parishioners who know their way around a toolbox and are available to deal with minor maintenance/repair issues, so my job is primarily to coordinate those efforts and serve as a liaison to the Vestry.  We are currently negotiating major upgrades to our electrical system and roof structure in order to prepare the building for a solar installation, which is related to another of my areas of responsibility, which is concerned with framing environmental issues in a spiritual context.

My colleagues in Canterbury Advocates for a Sustainable Environment (CASE) and I have worked for years to raise the congregation’s awareness of climate chaos as an urgent moral issue and to initiate sustainable policies and practices in all areas of parish life.  Canterbury’s commitment to environmental stewardship is expressed in periodic liturgical celebrations of creation.

I am one of the Vestry liaisons for liturgy.  Having served as Canterbury’s parish musician for 47 years, I have much experience, and great interest, in liturgy, and I am a member of the Liturgy Committee, which meets every couple of months to plan upcoming services, seasons and celebrations.

Committee Assignments
Buildings and Grounds