The art of music is among the greatest of God’s gifts to us. Its capacity to move us from the depths is not only a sign of God’s redeeming love for us but it is a tangible witness to the active presence of God in our lives. Through the use of music in worship, we can at once feel the rushing wind of the spirit or hear the still, small voice of calm. We can know the power of God to speak directly to us without uttering a single word.

Music is a way of prayer to proclaim the Gospel and to tell the story of our redemption in manifold ways. It can provide a structure to the mass and it can serve as a means of either active expression or passive reflection for the congregation. Above all, its purpose is to enable us to say to God and to one another that which can in no other way be said.

At Canterbury, the art of music is orchestrated into the context of our 10 AM liturgy. The parish, known for robust and confident singing, makes use of a broad palette of hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs. It is a normal practice that our music is led by a keyboard instrument, but unaccompanied singing is prized as well. On festival days, small ensembles of the finest musicians in the area are gathered to perform chamber music repertoire. At all times, we bring our best art.

The Canterbury Choir offers anthems and other special music during the school year, beginning in the Fall and concluding around the Feast of Pentecost. There is an open invitation to sing with the choir. Rehearsals are typically on Wednesday evenings and before liturgy on Sunday mornings. For more information about the choir, contact the Interim Parish Musician Frederick Frahm.