Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

Mon-Thurs at 7:30 AM

on winter break until 1/6

Morning Prayer is one of the Daily Offices.  It is part of a long tradition in both Judaism and Christianity in which daily prayers were used to mark the times of the day.  The three most common times are Morning Prayer (Lauds), Noon time prayer and Evening Prayer (Vespers).  In the middle ages, the monastic traditions added additional prayers starting at midnight or dawn and continuing every three hours throughout the day and night.  In addition to services of Morning, Noonday and Evening Prayer, The Book of Common Prayer includes an Order for Compline which is used at the end of the day.  The final prayer of compline provides a good way to end the day:  Guide us waking, O Lord, and Guard us sleeping, that awake we may watch with Christ, and asleep we may rest in Peace.  

At Canterbury we end Morning Prayer with the Blessing Song:

Light of Christ, Come cleanse and heal.

Light of Christ, Protect and Bless.

Light of Christ, Inspire and Guide.

Light of Christ, Enfold you and Hold you today

Integrating short “prayer breaks” into the regular rhythm of your daily life can be a powerful and transforming practice.
Start your day out right!  Come to Canterbury for a 20 minute service including chant, scripture, silence, and prayer. 
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