Hildegard Center

Illumination from Hildegard’s visions.

Who is Hildegard?

St. Hildegard of Bingen was a 12th century German Benedictine nun. She was a Christian mystic, poet, musician, composer, artist, theologian, and visionary. She wrote extensive theological, scientific, botanical, and medicinal texts. Her writings bring science, art, and religion together. She was a renowned healer, devoted to the care of every human person (especially the marginalized) and to the care of the earth.

Hildegard Center at Canterbury

The Hildegard Center at Canterbury is a partnership between St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church and diverse community members, community groups, and professionals who seek the restoration of individuals, communities, and creation to health and wholeness through a variety of practices, including: art, music, and movement; prayer, meditation, and spiritual practice; bodywork, therapy, and various modalities of healing arts.

All teachers & practitioners at the Hildegard Center are licensed in their respective fields (when applicable) and provide classes & sessions on a sliding scale or donation basis, in order to make their healing work accessible to people of varying economic means. Please contact practitioners directly for more information or to schedule an appointment. (Note: All clients and students MUST complete a Liability Waiver prior to participation in any session or class.)

UNM & CNM Students:  Are you on a tight budget and in need of healing?  We have a special scholarship fund at Canterbury to assist students in paying for healing sessions and classes at the Hildegard Center.  Contact the parish office for more information.

Collect for Healing

Holy God, Life Giver, Pain Bearer, heal our brokenness by cleansing the thoughts of our hearts through the inspiration of your Holy Spirit that we may replace injury with forgiveness, self-righteousness with compassion, tolerance with respect, judgment with gratitude and loneliness with belonging by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN

Intercessory Prayer Group 2019

Hildegard Center Healing Partners