Faith Alive

Members of Canterbury donate medical supplies and money (including a generous share of the church’s Outreach funds decided by vote at Pentecost) to assist Faith Alive Hospital in Jos, Nigeria, and to pray for its success in caring for its more than 6000 patients living with HIV. The clinic was started in 1996 by Dr. Christian Isichei with $333 and has grown into a three-story hospital providing a unique service: free medical care to impoverished Nigerians in Jos and at nine satellite clinics in surrounding areas.

The Faith Alive hospital in Jos now cares for about 10,000 patients a month and provides ongoing care for HIV/AIDS patients, as well as care for emergencies, opportunistic infections such as TB and Malaria, and surgery and birthing services. Faith Alive operates small satellite clinics in outlying areas so that patients don’t need to travel great distances to receive care at the main hospital in Jos. These sites include Kafanchan and Bakin-Kogi (Kaduna States), Yola (Adamawa State) with Faith Alive clubs in secondary schools, Andaha (Nasarawa State), and Fobur and Hwol Yarje (Plateau State) Outreach Centers.

Learn more about Dr. Christian Isichei and his work at the hospital in Jos