Four Panels in a Gallery

Chamber piece in four movements by Frederick Frahm. This recording is by the Garth Newel Piano Quartet which premiered the piece in March of 2018. Scored for violin, viola, cello & piano.

Program notes by the composer:

One day, I visited an art gallery to pass the time. Yes, there were paintings of barns and soldiers and bowls of fruit. Yes, there were stuffy portraits and lavish murals and fussy assembled things. In one room, the light was more dim. A single bench sat in the center and on each of the four encompassing walls, there was a single large oblong piece. I don’t remember the artist’s name, couldn’t possibly have been Barnett Newman.

The panels are described in this way:

Panel 1: A melancholy indigo, with an orange nasturtium
Panel 2: A ensanguined scarlet fading to a blushy rose
Panel 3: White lilies in a baroque golden frame
Panel 4: Charcoal, with a sprig of yellow daisies

Through my eyes, I fell into each mass of color.
My heart sang for their music and my soul was set adrift…

This music was given its world premiere on March 3, 2018 by the Garth Newel Piano Quartet in a pub performance at the Garth Newel Music Center in Bath County, Virginia.

Teresa Ling, violin
Evelyn Grau, viola
Isaac Melamed, cello
Jeannette Fang, piano

Frederick Frahm, Composer · 4 Panels in a Gallery

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